Sthlm Signs are Pontus and Henrik.

With well over 20 years of combined hands-on experience from design and branding agencies, art projects and exhibitions, digital printing, artistic painting and project management we know what difference a unique visual expression makes. And we know how to make one.

By combining our creativity and curiosity with professional expertise in lettering, typography, graphic design and painting we can help you with everything from idea to execution.

Improve your business.


As the saying goes you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. That impression might be a logo or a piece of graphic design. It might be a chalkboard, mural painting or a steamy pub window the night before Christmas. The important thing is that it is important. We care about your brand and with our passion and artistic touch we make others care about it too. So if you want to outshine your competitors, make your business our business.

What is sign painting?


Sign painting is the traditional way of communicating on everything from buildings and windows to signs and menus. An art work, made by hand just like in the old days. When computer cut signage came along in the 1980’s a tsunami of mass-production flooded our cites in vinyl and synthetic materials. However, times are changing as more and more companies are realizing that when it comes to brand experience, a plastic look simply isn’t good enough.

Want to know more? Download our Sign painting guide and learn how we can strengthen your brand (right click and save as).

We are Sthlm Signs

A short movie about us and what we do.
Filmed and edited by Björnhult


Pontus Bergman

Pontus got his education in art school and in the printing industry. Colour and shape has been recurrent throughout his career as a digital printer, painter and an artist on behalf of small and large global customers. With a lifelong passion for lettering in different forms, he has been project manager – and the driving force – for numerous art exhibitions, book productions, workshops, and events.


Henrik Lindquist

Henrik has worked at leading design and advertising agencies with final artwork, illustration, typography, layout and graphic design for more than 10 years. He has always been interested in the art of lettering and has been painting and drawing since forever. With his particularly sharp eye and accuracy he has delivered hundreds of commercial designs that surrounds you everyday.